Lafayette's been getting a lot of love lately. We've gained national & international recognition for our food, music, and festivals. Add this to the list. Travel + Leisure Magazine has named Lafayette, La. one of Americas' top college towns. The Advertiser reports Lafayette ranked in the top five in four different categories, friendliest, cool souvenirs, burgers, and local accent. The hub city made the top 10 in four other categories.

“A T-shirt is just a T-shirt, but if it has the words Ragin’ Cajun on it, then it becomes a symbol of something. When I wore my Ragin’ Cajun shirt, I got stopped by a passenger on a train in East Europe and a Mexican guest at a hotel in Spain, both of them so excited to meet a Cajun fan.”  -Karren Hays, President UL Rebounders Club

Lafayette ranked 17th overall, ahead of Austin, Tx., Ann Arbor Michigan, and Fayetteville, Arkansas.