My friend took some video yesterday from a local store.  He noticed some kids playing near the Evangeline Thruway.

The kids would walk up to the street and then pretend that they trip, falling onto the Thruway.  With traffic approaching.  Then, they would get up and run off of the street, and do it all over again.  They did this for over 8 minutes.

My friend called 911, waited for over an hour, then called the police department directly.  The dispatcher told him that they were busy at the moment, and would get there when they could.  He left after waiting for 2 hours.  His friends at the store said that the police never showed up.  I know that these are just kids goofing off, but it could have easily, quickly become something serious.

What would you do if your kids were caught doing this??

Ellen says that her dad always told her to "go play in traffic", but she never took him seriously.

(Via Youtube)