Tonight, our news affiliate News Talk KPEL 96.5 tells us that Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel says, "The parish is BROKE".

Joey Durel announced that city and parish resources have been misallocated for several years. Durel presented his budget to the Lafayette City-Parish Council, which includes solutions on how to address this problem.

When city and parish governments were consolidated, Durel says an allocation company was assigned to perform an analysis every two years or so.  Concerns about the allocation company were brought up by the retired Chief Financial Officer Becky Lalumia, who said she wasn’t satisfied with the current allocation officer.

Durel said, "It looks like Public Works has been spending 60 percent of its time outside the city of Lafayette yet only getting reimbursed 30 percent".

In an interview with News Talk KPEL's Bernadette Lee, Durel says, "The parish is...BROKE!"

[Via:  News Talk 96.5 KPEL]