Lafayette Animal Aid is in urgent need of your help fostering dogs that are in desperate situations....

Before you "tune out", know this about fostering:  all you do is provide shelter and love.  Lafayette Animal Aid provides the food and the vet care.

If you have never had the companionship of a dog,  you don't know what you are missing: unconditional love.  According to, 10 benefits of dog ownership include being sick less, having a healthier heart, getting more exercise, having lower stress at work, and, overall, a higher state of happiness!


Lafayette Animal Aid


Lafayette Animal Aid is desperately looking for kind-hearted and compassionate people who would be willing to foster a dog until they can place them in a forever home. This will allow them to save the lives of dogs that are in very desperate situations. You can foster for a short period of time or an extended period. Lafayette Animal Aid will provide the vet care, food and anything else that will allow these dogs to be placed in temporary homes. You just need to provide the daily care, shelter and love. If you can help, please call Melinda at 337-298-6537


Lafayette Animal Aid


If you can't foster, make a donation and spread the word.  Help.  In some way or another, help.

If you can help foster, even just one dog please call today, they really need your help.  Please call Melinda at 337-298-6537