I thought I'd start a series of posts featuring questions that we menfolk have about you strange visitors from Venus. My first question is one that I've sought the answer to for years without any real success. Why do you ladies love shoes so much? My bride has more pairs of shoes than I think I could ever hope to count, and she tells me she "needs them all." My girls (ages 4 and 7) also have lots of shoes, and even they love them at their young ages.

Is it it a matter of nature? Nurture? Both? I honestly have no clue. As a man, I have a total of six pairs of shoes: two black, three brown both dress/dress casual types) and a pair of tennis shoes. I only have that many because, you guessed it--my wife bought 'em for me. How many do I ever really wear? Two pairs, the tennis shoes and the brown dress/casual, and I definitely wear the tennis shoes more.

So please, educate this inquiring man on Facebook! And speaking of shoes, tomorrow is Shoesday, not Tuesday,  so be sure to listen to CJ and Debbie Ray for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Shoe La La!