Two Acadiana towns that generate most of their revenue from speeding fines may soon be designated as "speed trap towns" by the State of Louisiana. KATC reports, The Jeff Davis town of Fenton generates nearly 90% of its revenue from traffic fines. Washington, in St. Landry Parish comes in second at 70%.
Despite its reputation, the Vermilion Parish town of Maurice generates less than 20% of its revenue from traffic fines. Towns that generate more than 50% of their revenue from traffic tickets can be designated as speed trap towns, and be required to post warning signs.
Dorothy Worthy of Washington said, "Who wants to come to an area when you know you're going to get a fine for $300, even when you maybe not even be speeding."
Here's a list of Acadiana towns that generate substantial portions of their budgets from traffic fines: Fenton: 89.36%, Washington: 70.53%, Henderson: 49%, Port Barre: 36.69%, Grand Coteau: 31.27%, Turkey Creek: 30.46%, Maurice: 19.46%, Krotz Springs: 17.46%, Patterson: 9.53%
When I go through Maurice, I set my cruise control.