The first time I saw Louisiana's LeRoux was at Blackham Coliseum, in nineteen......Oh, never mind! A year later, I saw them open for the Doobie Brothers at the Riverside Centroplex.  Most recently, Jazzfest in New Orleans, a couple years ago. Their music is infectious, and stands the test of time. Louisiana's LeRoux has been inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

We at 99.9 KTDYare pleased and proud to join with Pepsi and Cox Communications in welcoming them to the Cox Grandstand at the Cajun Heartland State Fair on Saturday, June 1st.

If you're a New Orleans Lady (or not), get ready to Take A Ride On A Riverboat. Nobody Said It Was Easy, but Get It Right The First Time. Don't you dare say I Can't Do One More Two-Step.

Nik-L-Beer will get your evening started off right! the music starts at 6. Admission is free! for more information, go to