Police in Eunice, Louisiana have nabbed the 'Kissing Bandit' at Wal Mart, after he lip-locked two ladies in the store. Here's how it happened... A female Wal Mart employee told police that an unknown man, later identified as Randy Butcher, walked up to her giving compliments and trying to have a conversation. She said he asked for her phone number several times and she gave him a fake phone number hoping that he would leave her alone. She attempted to walk away from him several times and he blocked her path each time. She stated that he then grabbed her and started kissing her. The woman managed to finally get away and notified her supervisor who called police while Butcher was still inside the store.

A second female victim was a customer shopping in the store. She also told the officer that she was approached by the same man who also tried to chat with her. Butcher was very friendly towards her and asked for her phone number while complimenting her. The woman's boyfriend then walked into the aisle and confronted Butcher. This victim also reported him to a Wal Mart supervisor.

Wal Mart employees located Butcher who was trying to leave the store and detained him until police arrived. Butcher was then taken into custody and transported to Eunice Police Department for booking.

Butcher, who is from Houston, has been charged with simple assault, simple battery and false imprisonment. He's being held in the Eunice City Jail on $4,304.00 bond.