One kindergarten teacher in Austin, TX spoiled Christmas for five-year-olds and parents are not happy.

Two kindergarten teachers attempted to steal Christmas this year when they told their five-year-old students that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.  One teacher actually did spill the beans telling the little ones that their mothers and fathers actually buy all their Christmas gifts.  The other teacher gave kids an assignment that forced them to categorize Santa as “not real.”

Parents took to Facebook and email to voice their opinion about what their children were told stating that their kids had come home with questions about Santa being real.  One mom said it wasn’t the school’s place to spoil Santa Claus for a bunch of five-year-olds.  Another said kids need to be allowed to make these kinds of discoveries on their own as they mature.

The principal has reprimanded the teachers involved.  But is a slap on the wrist enough?  Whether Santa Claus is real or not is in the minds of the beholder.  These young children were robbed of a childhood gift.  How dare these teachers think it was their place to stick their stockings where they had no business.