Today's Kids learn how to use technology at a far earlier age than any previous generation. My 7 year old grandson is the only person who can operate my home theater without asking for help. He arrived for a recent visit & promptly inquired, "Do you have wi-fi?"
They can also wreak havoc.
A recent study indicates half of American parents say their kids have damaged a phone, laptop, tablet or other device. That totals  $2.8 billion in repair and replacement costs.
Most incidents involve food or beverages. Milk is involved in half of all accidents. Chocolate is involves nearly 1/5 of all accidents. Candy is a factor 17% of the time, and 16% involve yogurt. Boys are 35% more likely to cause accidents than girls.
That's not all the tech related chaos kids cause. Nearly one third of parents say their kids have accidentally texted, or placed calls. More than 1 in 4 parents say their children made purchases without their knowledge. Nine percent of kids have reportedly taken pictures they shouldn’t have.
Kids can be rough on gadgets, but more than 85% have their own mobile device. They average 3.2 hours of use per day. Older children spend the most time. Kids two and under average 1.5 hours per day. Children aged 3 to 6 spend 1.8 hours daily. Seven to twelve 12 average 3 hours a day. 13 to 17 year olds average nearly 5 hours daily.
What happened to playing outside?