A new study of fish might suggests to humans that we keep our less attractive friends closer than those who are attractive.

A study of guppies found that they surround themselves with less-attractive fish when they’re attempting to attract a mate, in order to look better by comparison. Experts say this doesn't necessarily apply to human behavior, but it only makes sense that it may.

Many animals are attracted to the colors and beauty of the opposite sex.  This behavior is exceptionally dominant in the bird kingdom.  Animals have been know to prance, fight and even make certain sounds to attract a mate.

It seems only natural, that human behavior be no different since we are really just civilized animals ourselves.  Just walk into any bar and you will immediately note that the prettiest people are getting the looks and attention.  It sure would be nice if we could instantly see the beauty of someone's heart, after all therein lies the real beauty.

[Via:  Huffington Post]