The big day is finally here!  Kate Middleton spent her last night as a commoner at the Goring Hotel in London’s extremely posh neighborhood of Belgravia. And after shacking up at this joint, moving into the palace is going to be a downgrade!  The Royal Apartment suite is on the top floor of the Goring.  It features gorgeous, intricate interior decorations like bronze statues, chandeliers, a grand piano, leather-bound books and luxurious furniture.  The four-poster bed has a built-in television, as does the large bathtub.  And for an artful bathing experience, there’s an oil painting encased in glass inside the spa-like shower.  Kate could gaze out over her future empire from the balcony, which has breathtaking views of London.  Of course, the princess-to-be needed a good night’s sleep before her wedding- and rumor has it she got to select her own mattress for the room, which will then be removed so no one ever sleeps on it again!  So, how much do accommodations like this set you back?  The suite costs nearly $10,000 per night.  Living like royalty, indeed!

[Via:  Daily Mail]