(Time Magazine)

Think touting a fashion knock off as 'Kate Middleton inspired' will boost sales? It might, but it could also result in a royal pain of a lawsuit.

The future princess and bride-to-be, with her feminine and classic style, is constantly being heralded as the newest fashion icon. Reportedly the blue Issa dress that she wore when she and William announced their engagement sold out within a day.

Knock off dresses have already cropped up but the Royal Family is warning shops and designers to be careful of tying their products to Ms. Middleton.

Any business that explicitly uses the name Kate Middleton or suggests that she has endorsed their product - without permission - could face a messy lawsuit for tens of thousands of pounds.

Though not quite a princess yet, legal experts said that "[h]er name is now controlled by the Royal Family. She has a reputation to uphold and because of that she is, to all intents and purposes, akin to a brand or marque."