According to reports, a fourth man has leveled accusations at John Travolta for making unwanted advances towards him.

The latest accuser is a gym employee who, according to RadarOnline, says that Travolta groped and fondled him against his will.  In a more recent article on the same website, an anonymous email to upper management at the Atlanta hotel where the 2nd accuser works throws the validity of the accusation into question.

I have been a John Travolta fan for a long time.  He was great in 'Grease' (though I don't care for the movie, it did bring to light his acting and dancing ability), and I hear he was great in 'Urban Cowboy' (I couldn't watch that movie either, it pains me to see men in jeans that tight).  'The Boy In The Plastic Bubble' broke my heart (I LOVED it when the horse jumped over his bubble!!  I was on the edge of my seat!!!)  'Pulp Fiction', 'Phenomenon', 'Michael' -- he's a great actor!

With that being said, there has been a lot of 'talk' about John Travolta, and his preferences.  IF what Carrie Fisher says is true, so be it:  it won't make this fan think any less of him.

Though I saw Bubble before Welcome Back Kotter came out, John Travolta will always be Vinnie Barbarino to me!

(The next segment is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, and is titled):

Let's Have Fun With Movie Characters and Titles!!


According to recent reports, VINNIE BARBARINO was accused of trying to HORSHACK a masseur's EPSTEIN.  One of masseurs claims that BARBARINO's BOLT was semi-LADDER 49 as he tried to touch the masseur's PLASTIC BUBBLE.  The masseur asked BARBARINO to stop trying to GET SHORTY, and BARBARINO agreed, but then immediately committed A CIVIL ACTION.  The masseur told BARBARINO that these weren't his 'LUCKY NUMBERS', and that this DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE is now over!

I can understand if the masseur feels its KILLING SEASON for the SAVAGES, even if they came FROM PARIS WITH LOVE.  BARBARINO's lawyer reminds us that lawyers are like OLD DOGS and WILD HOGS, and that they won't just sing A LOVE SONG FOR BOBBY LONG: they will stand by their SWORDFISH, and prepare for a  BATTLEFIELD EARTH: A SAGA OF THE YEAR 3000!!

Our hope is that BARBARINO can rip his FACE/OFF, which would be a PHENOMENON, even for MICHAEL, and realize that SHE'S SO LOVELY and be able to SHOUT to the MAD CITY, "I am no longer the WHITE MAN'S BURDEN:  I will show my CHAINS OF GOLD, I will not hide from THE EXPERTS!  I will tell everyone that I am STAYING ALIVE, no longer lurking around like BORIS AND NATASHA!  I am leaving this NIGHTMARE and dancing in THE DEVIL'S RAIN!  I will GREASE OUR FRIEND, MARTIN, walk THE THIN RED LINE, and show my PRIMARY COLORS, even if I do come down with SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER!!

Whew, that hurt my brain.