A photographer at a television show event was asked to catch an emotional moment for John Schneider, and the results will tear at your heart...

Jeremy Cowart was asked to snap some photographs at the filming of Oprah's Network "The Haves and the Have Nots"; many celebrities were on hand and the producers wanted still shots to commemorate the event.

After Cowart took several photos of John Schneider for the event, Schneider whispered to him, asking if he could take a few more, away from others.

What happened next, at first, impressed Cowart:  he thought that Schneider was acting like he was crying.  After Cowart snapped a few shots, he realized that Schneider was actually crying, reacting to something.

Cowart began to feel uneasy, so he lowered his camera, approached Schneider and offered a hug.  Schneider accepted, and explained that he had received word earlier in the day that his father had died.

This is just a overview of the story; Cowart goes into it with a little more detail, and with awesome pictures of Schneider, like you've never seen him.