The development of artificial intelligence is amazing to me. If you have an iphone, you know what I'm talking about. My friend & colleague Jaycee uncovered a tutorial in which you can teach Siri to pronounce Cajun names. Scarlett Johanssen was a recent guest on David Letterman. She was promoting the new movie "Her", in which Scarlett doesn't actually appear onscreen.

She's the voice of an operating system (Samantha), owned by Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) The artificial intelligence is in a hand held device, roughly the size of a smartphone. Twombley is a lonely man, looking for love. He develops a romantic infatuation with Johanssen's character. Siri is reportedly unimpressed.

A similar dynamic was explored in an episode of "The Big Bang Theory", in which Raj acquires an iPhone and develops an infatuation with Siri. This has fueled speculation as to whether there will be a Siri movie. Who do you think should be Siri's voice? People magazine has offered a few possibilities.