Chief Jim Craft of the Lafayette Police Department visited our building on Friday to give an update on the Mickey Shunick case.

The Lafayette Police Department has been working feverishly on the case of Mickey Shunick.  As 'civilians', I don't think that most of us realize how much manpower they have on the case, nor do we realize how much information has been coming in to the department.  According to the LPD Public Information Officer, the Mickey Shunick Tip Line alone was averaging 20 calls per hour, not to mention the calls that come in via 911.  EACH ONE of the leads that comes in are followed up on.  I'm not good at math, but that would add up to more leads than one could shake a stick at.

Our hope, as a community, is that Mickey Shunick comes home, safe and sound.  Kudos to the Lafayette Police Department and all of the agencies involved in the investigation, to the volunteers who are giving the family hope, and to the donors who are contributing to keep the investigation/search going strong.