If you are registered for the 8th Annual 'jeep jaunt', or are planning to register at the event, you must fill out this form and have everyone in your vehicle sign it.

To save time at Celebrity Theatres, we have uploaded the 'jeep jaunt' waiver form for you here.  Download the form by clicking here.  Fill it in, and have everyone in your vehicle sign the form.  Bring the form with you to the registration site, and it will save you from having to fill it out there!  If you don't download and fill out this form in advance, everyone in your vehicle must report to the "Waiver Table" to sign it.  So, save yourself some time, save us from having congestion at the table, and fill it out in advance!!

By the way, we already have pre-registered almost 1000 people and more than 350 vehicles so jeep DAT!


(Download the form by clicking here!!)