My neighbor tagged me in a few pictures on Facebook today.  The pictures were of my dog in the tree in my backyard!

Ricky and Carole had told me that they would see one of my dogs in the tree back there, and I figured that it was my Lil' Bit!  She is quite the jumper.

Lil' Bit in the tree in my back yard

One day, she was in my back yard, and Ricky fired up his lawn mower next door.  The next thing he knew, Lil' Bit was in HIS yard barking at him!  She had jumped the 6-foot fence between our yards.

Lil' Bit in the tree in my back yard

When she realized that she was 'free', she didn't run;  she went around the house and sat at the front door, and would bark when anyone Ricky or Carole got close to her... at least we know she is a good guard dog.

I'm glad that she is not smart enough to know that Ricky doesn't have to be cutting his grass for her to jump the fence.

Does anyone have any tips on keeping my dog from jumping the fence?  I do worry about her running off!