Before I get to the question, let me give you the backstory:  I had to drive to Houston today to pick up some furniture from a friend.  Shannon is trying to furnish the house she rented in Iowa (the state, not the town on I-10), and we borrowed some furniture from my best friend, Sherrie.

Sherrie has never had a 'house', she has always had a 'home'.... what I mean by that is she has a knack for turning any living space into something that makes you feel at home.  The colors, the textures, the arrangement, all of it... she work wonders with any room, so Shannon and I were excited when she offered her furniture (that was in storage) for Shannon's rent house.

When my nephew (the brawn of the duo) and I got to Sherrie's house in Houston, I immediately excused myself (one cup of coffee, one Dr. Pepper and a Monster, combined with I-10 for 3 1/2 hours was the perfect recipe, I guess) and headed to the 'guest' restroom.

The towel in Sherrie's restroom....

Before I entered the restroom, she explained to me that the colors for that room were chosen from the colors found on her favorite purse (the story almost lasted long enough for me not need the restroom anymore), and that her grandson loved to play with the toilet paper dispenser.....  anyway, back to my question:  when I washed my hands, I went to reach for the towel hanging on the wall (perfectly matching colors, of course) when I noticed a box of fancy-dancy PAPER towels.

Notice the box of paper towels??

So, now I have a dilemma:  Do I wipe my freshly-abluered hands on the beautiful, perfectly-folded towel hanging on the wall?  Or do I grab one of the fancy-dancy paper towels to wick the moisture from my metacarpi?  I certainly don't want to waste the paper towels, and I certainly don't want to wipe on a hand towel whose only purpose is to add flair to the room....  So what should I do?  What would you have done???

It's an etiquette question that I thought I would come to you with, because surely you know which I should have done, right?

After much contemplation, I came to a decision:  I reached for....... my pants leg, and craftily wiped my hands dry.  Voila!