So I had to work late the other night and when I was finished, I went into the Men's room to wash up.  I found no soap in the Men's room, so I went to the Ladies' room to 'borrow' some.

Ladies, y'all are nasty!  There's a brush in there with hairs all sticking out of it, a hair dryer with so much dust in the filter that I don't see how it could even blow any hair dry, and a curling iron with icing or frosting or some other 'coating' on it that wasn't part of the original packaging, I am certain.  Toothpaste, (an uncovered) toothbrush, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, a roll of toilet tissue, hair spray, an empty paper bag -  and I was too afraid to even look into the stall!

Is it like that in other Women's restrooms?

(Via Youtube)