Jason Mraz teamed up with Daryl Hall, for Hall and Oates fame, for an episode of 'Live From Daryl's House'.  And it is fantastic!

Jason Mraz's new song, 'I Won't Give Up' from the new album, 'Love Is A Four Letter Word', is climbing the charts and is one of my favorite songs out right now.  It's a song about not throwing in the towel.  These days, so many people walk away from jobs, relationships, marriages, etc.  This song salutes the person who admits to not being perfect but will stay committed til the end.

I am including several videos.  The original version of 'I Won't Give Up' and the version recorded with Daryl Hall, 'Live From Daryl's House'.  You can also watch other artists with Hall.    'Live From Daryl's House' are recordings of artists that Daryl Hall invites out to his farm house to have fun and just simply jam.  Many times Hall and these artists are meeting for the first time.  Live From Daryl's House.com is one of the best music websites on the internet.

'I Won't Give Up' (Jason Mraz)

'I Won't Give Up' (Jason Mraz/Daryl Hall)

'I Can't Go For That' (Cee Lo Green/Daryl Hall)

'One On One' (Cee Lo Green/Daryl Hall)

'She's Gone' (Rob Thomas/Daryl Hall)

'3 AM' (Rob Thomas/Daryl Hall)