As of today, I've had enough, has the human race become that stupid?  Today I learned of another invention that just makes me say to myself...REALLY!


Today I learned of the HAPIfork.  The HAPIfork is a fork with a fat handle containing electronics and a battery.  The fork contains a motion sensor, so it can figure out when it's being lifted to the mouth. If it senses that you're eating too fast, it warns with you with a vibration and a blinking light.

I don't know about you, but I think as a society we have completely crossed over into Stupidville.  So now I have to purchase a vibrating fork to let me know that I'm eating too fast.  Why don't I store it right next to my electric tooth brush that vibrates while I'm brushing to let me know it's time to change sides.  Or maybe I should keep it next to my cell phone that has caused my brain to become stale as it reminds me about everything so that my brain doesn't have to.  And as a bonus into brain stagnation, because of my cell phone, I never have to remember a phone number ever again.

And what about all the alert noises in my car.  If I forget the key in the ignition, you would think that I had set off a nuclear warhead and the Pentagon was being alerted.  Coupled with accidentally leaving the lights on and unbuckling my seat belt too quickly, one might think I had robbed a bank due to the warnings and red lights.

Another thing, why do we have to tell drivers that, "There's No Need To Stop"?  In the old days, drivers were smart enough to figure that out.

Just yesterday I took a small aquarium out of it's package, it was a small globe with a battery operated light on top.  There was a warning on the light part that said, "Do Not Use As A Handle".  When was the last time you used an aquarium as a purse?

In 2013 I'd like to see the return of common sense!