So be nice to any 'tax care professionals' that you may know, because, right now, they are ready to rip the head off of anyone who cuts them off in traffic, or even looks at them wrong.

Okay, maybe they aren't THAT stressed out, but, believe me, they are over-worked right about now.  To help them, be sure to have your files/receipts/deductions in order, and don't forget about these most-overlooked deductions (courtesy of; they could save you enough money to treat your 'tax care professional' to a nice dinner (that they need to claim as income, of course....).

Every year, the IRS dutifully reports the most common blunders that taxpayers make on their returns. And every year, at or near the top of the “oops” list is forgetting to enter their Social Security number at the top of the tax form -- or making a mistake when entering those nine digits.