It's Sunday, don't clean, take the day off!  I recently spoke with a young couple with children who said they had 'cleaning days'.  And many times, cleaning day would be Sunday.  Well to that young couple and to anyone else who might be thinking about using today as a cleaning day, take the day off!

It's hard for folks who like things neat to just let things go, even if it is the weekend.  I know, I'm one of those people.  But I woke up this morning and the weather's dreary, it's humid and I just want to crawl back under the why not?  The dishes and the dust will probably outlive me right?  At the funeral, will they say, "He sure knew how to pick up a plate"?  I doubt it.

So to all you OCDers, neat freaks, and get 'r doners, here's your hall pass to Take The Day Off!