July is National Cell Phone Courtesy month. We've all been annoyed by someone talking too loud nearby, or discussing personal situations we don't want to know about. I've been on dinner dates with ladies who paid more attention to their phones than me. Maybe I'm not "Mr. Excitement", but come on...Has a phone ever bought you dinner? My #1 pet peeve is texting & driving. Need I explain why?

Emily Post has a list of 10 very simple rules for safe, courteous use of your mobile device:
#1 You Control it, not vice versa.
#2 Be mindful of your volume.
#3 Turn it off if it will interrupt a conversation or activity.
#4 Mind your language, especially when you can be overheard.
#5 Remeber personal problems are exactly that. Don't discuss    them in a public place.
#6 If you must leave it on when potentially bothersome to others, use silent mode.
#7 Don’t make calls from a theater, library, church, or dinner table.
#8 Don’t text in a meeting, or class.
#9 Keep Private information private. Don’t text it.
Last, but most importantly...
#10 NEVER use your phone while driving.