When the Storm Team 3 Weather Desk at KATC gives us a weather forecast like they have for this week, it's time to take out the convertible!

Everyone around these parts know what my favorite convertible is:


Jeep Rubicon (Staff Photo)

a Jeep!!

Of course, there are plenty of other vehicles out there on which you can 'drop the top'.

One of our co-workers, Mark Pope, finally purchased his dream car, and invited me to go for a ride!


Mark's 58 Thunderbird (This thing is a sled!!) (Staff Photo)

When I open the door to get in, I notice it's size, and tell Mark "It's huge!!"  Mark replied "Yes.  They don't make them like this anymore".


Compare the thickness of this door to any vehicle today; they don't make them like this any more!! (Staff Photo)


We only took a spin around the (big) block, but it was a great ride.  I kept looking around on the inside of the car for the hockey team (there is so much room inside that car, it seemed like a whole team would fit!).


Plenty of room for my legs (and my keys!) (Staff Photo)


It was a beautiful day, and cruising around in that car made me try to imagine what things were like back in 1958 (a lot less distractions, a lot more clean air, a lot less litter, and a lot more family, if I had to take a guess).


Mark and his baby! (Staff Photo)


Mark loves his car and he lives for days like these!


(Via KATC)