With the New Year, many people resolve to loose weight or, in general, live 'more healthily'.  These are great resolutions, but if not done correctly, weight loss can lead to poor health.  Many "fad" diets are just gimmicks to get you to spend your money on a product.  Knowing (and keeping track of) what you are putting into your body, regular exercise and portion control are key elements in losing weight and remaining healthy.



My brother-in-law made this observation the other day:  "Judging by those who are drinking them, diet sodas don't work".

I found humor in that statement, and it prompted me to do a little research.  Here's what I found:  One soda a day = 50 POUNDS of sugar in a year, according to the New York City Health Department. Some food labels CAN BE misleading, according to Shine (a healthy-living page from Yahoo!) Fitness Trainers To Go's website has an article titled "The Big Fat Truth About Diet Soda", which opened my eyes as to why they don't work.