A controversy erupted over ownership of the phrase "Who 'Dat!" during the Saints' 2009-10 Super Bowl run. The NFL angered Saints fans by claiming ownership of the phrase.

A custom coffin store has been asked to stop selling its "Who 'Dat" Casket. Johnathan LaHatte, manager of 'Til We Meet Again in the Esplanade Mall, says the NFL sent him a Cease and Desist Order February 18th. The store has displayed the casket in its front window since October. LaHatte told the Time Picayune,"The league is repeating its aggressive tactics that they did in 2010 when the Saints went to the Super Bowl, trying to squeeze every penny out of a small business."
Saints senior vice president of communications, Greg Bensel, tells a different story. He says the owner of the store was contacted before its October opening, and he agreed to change the logo.
By the way, the battle over Ownership of the phrase "Who 'dat!" is back in federal court.