School officials in Lafayette Parish have confiscated 690 cellphones from 610 students this school year.
Comeaux High reportedly had the greatest number, 301 , followed by Lafayette High,169, Carencro High, 138, Acadiana High, 103 and Scott Middle School had 32.

Elementary and middle school students aren't allowed to have cellphones on campus during regular school hours. High school students are permitted to bring cellphones to campus. They're forbidden to use them from arrival until dismissal. The first offense brings a confiscation for five school days., 30 school days for the Second offense, thirty days, and a third offense will result in the sudent's phone being confiscated for the remainder of the school year.

"We're not telling (high school students) not to bring cellphones to school. We are just telling them they cannot have it on and cannot use it during class, and pretty much, we've gotten compliance. Considering the total population, those percentages are pretty low. I know at Comeaux, the numbers are pretty high, but they are very diligent about making sure that kids are in compliance."        -  District Assistant Superintendent Sandra Billeaudeau
When I was a kid, it was a big deal to get caught passing notes in class.