Is American Idol rigged or does it just seem that way when your favorite loses?  After the elimination of Joshua Ledet from Westlake, La. tonight, I may have to give up watching American Idol. 

I may not know much, but when it comes to music, I like to think I know a little.  And the little I know tells me that Joshua Ledet was the best singer on that stage tonight.  Now that's not just the Louisiana in me coming out, I really do believe that.  I don't think Joshua's last 3 performances Wednesday night were his best, but he has been the showstopper throughout this season of American Idol and therefore should still be in the running for the top spot.

Phil Phillips and Jessica Sanchez are really good singers, but the best America has to offer, come on.  At this point, who wins, really doesn't matter to me.  I just  hope when the lights on the stage are dim, the audience is home and the curtain is closed, the winner of this season's American Idol competition is Joshua Ledet.  Remember, you don't have to take home the title to be the real winner.

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What do you think?  Did America get it wrong?