Being from Vermilion Parish, I was raised in the "outdoors"; hunting, fishing, trapping, trawling, etc.  My family always had a gun in the house, and, in those days, it was rarely thought that it would ever need to be used as 'protection'.  We always used them for hunting.

Times have changed, and now that I am an adult, I am a gun owner.  Not the hunting type, but the personal protection type.

With that being said, I am in favor of keeping guns away from people with ill intent.  I am also in favor of keeping knives, swords, drugs, cars, airplanes and fertilizer away from people with ill intent.

It irks me when people who know little about guns label them as 'assault weapons'.  Duh, ANYTHING in the hands of someone who commits assault is an 'assault weapon'.  Remember, you can put #01 on the side of any car, but that don't make it the General Lee!

Anyhoot, I thought that this blogger, "Kontra", being a Democrat AND a gun owner, lays down a pretty tight argument for BOTH sides of the issue.  This article explains a lot, especially for people who are not familiar with guns.

Before you jump on the bandwagon, ANY bandwagon, do a little research, and you might just find out how futile/wasteful/misguided your passion may be.