This time, in our series created from things we have found "in our own backyard", we focus on another Acadiana treasure: Evangeline Maid Bread.

Evangeline Maid Bread, on the corner of Simcoe and S Bienville in Lafayette, has been putting the smell of fresh-baked bread into the air of the "Northside" of the city since 1919.


The 'rotating loaf' location! (Google)


I am not certain how long the loaf has been spinning, but I can remember back in the early 1970s we drove by the bakery; when I saw the sign, I was in awe!!

The "Spinning Loaf" even has its own Facebook page!!

Recently, the "face" of Evangeline Maid passed away:  92-year-old Mary Huval Guchereau.  She was 19 when her father used her picture on the bread wrappers.

If you have kids, you owe it to them to drive by there and let them see an Acadiana icon!


(Via Facebook, Google Maps, Youtube, Google Street View, KATC)