On this planet and in life, there are things I dislike.  Many of these not so pleasant situations are caused by other people, but not every time.

Like just last night, I opened up a package which contained 4 screws used to hang a curtain rod.  I tore open the clear plastic package separating a piece of it from the rest of the wrapping.  Well, the static electricity in my body would not allow this piece of plastic to release itself from my body.  Not only was it hard to see, it moved around.  Trying to get this electrically charged piece of clear plastic off my magnetically charged body was like trying to catch a mosquito who just drank a Red Bull.

Another thing that annoys me to no end, is the inability for people to turn right in under 17. 6 minutes.  Why is making a right turn so difficult?  First, turn on blinker, secondly, turn steering wheel while pushing accelerator.  Should be a 3 second task.

While we're talking traffic, why do people putz around in the left lane on a multi lane highway?  The left lane is for PASSING and for FASTER TRAFFIC.  If you are in the left lane and drivers are going around you using the right lane, this is a problem.

The amount of litter in our community is unforgivable.  I'd like to give the classless individuals who do this dirty deed a piece of my mind.  Then hand them a ticket!

When someone is standing in line to check out, and is going to pay via check.  Well, using a check is not the problem, writing the check is the problem.  Some people take forever!  Making sure every letter is written to perfection.  Hey, guess what, it's not a writing competition.  Just make out the check a move on.  Talking to the clerk between writing the date and the amount is only acceptable if you don't have to stop and look up.

Too much cologne or perfume.  Most everything is good in moderation.  If I can smell you before you get out your car, you've used too much.

People who break-up using text messaging.  If you've been committed to someone, come on, pick up the phone or do it face to face.  Be nice!

Coat hangers drive me crazy, especially the wire kind.  They are easily tangled and tend to leave little horns on the garment.  There has to be a better way to hang clothing.

Paying for an item, handing money to a clerk who couldn't care less about me, my purchase or my money.  No smile or thank you makes the experience even worse.

Pretentiousness.  People who think they are better than others or people who try to be more than they really are, in terms of material things, rubs me raw.  Mom always said, "If you have to say you're it, you're probably not!".  Don't tell me how grand you are, let me decide that for myself.

I have a refrigerator with ice in the door.  This piece of equipment will throw ice all over the kitchen before putting ice in the glass that I have pressed up against where the ice is dispensed.  How can the ice do that?  Escape the glass, how?

Replacing weed whacker string housing into it's cradle takes one person to hold the weed whacker, one to hold the spool, three other people to make sure the string is in place and another person to screw the bolt in.  Ridiculous!

And lastly, for now, why is it when I purchase a product, it takes me 23 minutes to get it open.  I can see what I bought, but the packaging won't allow me to get it.  Just last night, I had to use a knife, a pair of scissors, and a hammer to get an 8ft computer cable out of it's package.  Really?  I mean...Really!

When I think of all the daily grinds in our lives, I am reminded of our brothers and sisters in the military, and I think to myself, these little bumps on my road of life are NOTHING compared to the men and women who keep this country free and safe.  How could I ever complain about my life?

Well thanks for letting me vent.