A few minutes ago, I watched Robert Van Winkle leading the pack around Pocono Raceway in a bright red Camaro.  He was the honorary car driver for today's Sprint Cup Race. I felt a little envious.

It must be a big adrenaline rush to have all that horsepower following you around a racetrack. I've never driven a 6th generation Camaro, but I'm told it's pretty exhilarating.  My longtime friend & colleague, Debbie Ray says she doesn't understand the allure of that sort of thing. She hates driving the KTDY Car because "It's loud, rides rough, and you really have to wrestle with it". All of this is true, but but there's something I find inexplicably "cool" about that. Debbie says it must be a "GuyThing". I guess so. Who am I rooting for today? A burly left-handed guy who doesn't seem to like shaving. They call him "Smoke"

Photo By Steve Wiley