Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and IBM Senior Vice President Colleen Arnold announced plans on Wednesday for a sevice center that will employ 800 people. The center will be built in Baton Rouge.
It's expected to be completed by spring 2015.

IBM will lease space at the Essen Centre office complex in Baton Rouge until the new center is completed.

$74 million in public money will be used over 12 years. This includes $30.5 million for an office building. $14 million will go to increase the number of computer science graduates at LSU and other Louisiana colleges and universities. Federal Grant money will also be used.

"This historic partnership will help drive major economic activity and extraordinary professional and student achievement. Indeed, this investment is a big win for LSU, Baton Rouge and our entire state because it means we can make sure our students can find good-paying jobs here at home."   - La. Governor Bobby Jindal

State, federal and city money will fund construction of the office building.
The Baton Rouge Area Foundation's Commercial Properties Realty Trust will build on the former site of The Advocate newspaper's offices and printing plant.

The Wilbur Marvin Foundation, will use private funds to build an 11-story residential building with 95 apartments and 9 town homes.
$9.1 million, will go to expand LSU's computer science programs.
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It Looks like good economic news for Louisiana.