- Jan Risher

Present tense nostalgia is that feeling of recognizing the fleetingness of a certain moment in time. And, that’s what happened to me this morning when I sent a message to an old friend I haven’t seen or talked to in years.

In giving my friend a status update on my family, I typed the sentence: “Greer started high school yesterday.”

And then I stopped and realized what I had typed.

I could literally hear myself saying, in the years to come, “It seems like only yesterday that Greer started high school.”

Yet, today is the only day I’ll ever be able to say that truthfully.

In truth, yesterday was also her younger sister’s first day of middle school.

It’s been a big week, and  we’ve been so busy getting all done that has to get done for school to start that I haven’t spent a lot of time and energy on the magnitude of my girls doing what they’re doing — starting high school and middle school.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all sentimental here and now, but I do want to make sure that in the business of all that is required to run a modern-day household that I take in, enjoy and appreciate this moments appropriately.

So, this afternoon, when I pick them up from their second day of high school and middle school, I’m going to be a more relaxed version of myself than the frazzled mom needing to go in 30 directions at once that I was yesterday. I know the relaxed and calm me won’t last long, but for a little while this afternoon, I plan to do nothing but listen to my girls and learn all about their day.