A few days ago, I wrote a story about people posting pictures of their food in social media. When I linked it to Facebook, I posed the question "Do you like it when people do this?" The majority of the response was affirmative... SO, here we go!

I was improvising in the kitchen this weekend, and decided to share the results with you.
I bought a pound of LOUISIANA crawfish at a Louisiana-owned grocery store. If you like crawfish, I can't sufficiently stress the importance of buying domestically produced crawfish. "Bugs" from China are considerably less expensive, but they're terrible on several levels. They don't taste as good. They're raised under terribly unsanitary conditions, then loaded with antibiotics that are illegal in the U.S., because they're carcinogenic.

Okay, back to the fun part. I used a box of whole grain penee pasta, and 1/2 container of Guidry's Fresh Cuts. If you're "not from around here", that's chopped onion, bell pepper & parsley. I drained the crawfish fat into the water I boiled it in, and tossed the "bugs" in with about a minute to go. When I drained everything, I chill shocked it, to prevent overcooking. I put 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup in the black pot with 2 cans of water, & brought it to a boil adding some Tony Chachere's roux mix. I  added 1 lb. of turkey tasso, & blended the pasta & crawfish back in.  I seasoned it with some UL "Ragin' Hot" & Louisiana hot sauce.

If I say so myself, it came out OK. I brought some to work & I'm eating it now.

Steve Wiley