I've had a less than perfect day. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been the 'day from Hell", but it's been less than perfect. I've devised a perfect plan to have a much better evening. My perfect plan starts with a perfect vodka martini.

A la James Bond, I like 'em "shaken, not stirred" & REALLY dirty. I have a friend & co - worker who Loves my martinis. Here's the plan. chill a martini glass with ice water. pour 2 shots of Ketel One Vodka into a shaker with some ice. A lot of people like Grey Goose. It's great vodka, but I think Ketel is just as good & it's cheaper. Add about a half shot of olive juice. By the way, use Zatarain's JUMBO stuffed olives. Shake it up. Vermouth....What's that?? Pour it into the glass & add four or five of those big olives. Now, what's a Thursday night cocktail without some Louisiana seafood? One of my favorite stores has peeled shrimp on sale. I'm boiling it up. Gonna try some Wow Wee's dipping sauce. If I over indulge, I'll need electrolytes in the morning, so I bought some bananas. It looks like I'll get this finished before the game kicks off!

One burning question remains....Can I get accounting to pay for this??