Shannon and I drink coffee each morning, which we miss when we are on the road.  Today I learned (after reading this Yahoo! story) I drink the best-tasting coffee out there!

My former roommate and best friend Keith and I used to drink LOTS of coffee, so we were usually on the look-out for coffee that was on sale, and that's what we would buy (radio station salaries usually don't allow for expensive tastes, so-to-speak).

One day we came across Eight O'Clock Coffee, and we were impressed with the price, so we picked up a bag (we buy the whole bean and grind it at home).  OMG!  We couldn't believe that this 'cheap' bean tasted better than the Starbuck's bean (and about $3 per lb cheaper!), so what did we do?  We brewed a pot of each, and, side-by-side tasted/tested, and were blown away by the difference.

From that point on, I've been an Eight O'Clock Coffee man.  Granted, I know that I have not tried every coffee brand out there, but I can list Seattle's Best, Folger's, Sanka (really?), Community (which is what we drink at work and a GREAT cup of coffee!!), Mellow Joy, Maxwell House, and many of the off-brands, but in my little head, none are as good as Eight O'Clock Coffee.

And after stumbling across this story on Yahoo! Shopping by Consumer Reports, I now know that many Americans agree with me!  The article gives a few tips about making sure that you have the right kind of coffee maker, and they also recommend grinding the beans at home (for freshest flavor).  This website gives great reasons for grinding your own! has some tips about the health benefits/drawbacks of coffee consumption, so read up before you drink up!

To be honest, there are 2 coffees that I like better than my Eight O'Clock Coffee:  1) ANY coffee that I get to drink when I am in Europe (how often does THAT happen, right??) and 2) the Community Coffee that my aunt makes (I don't know how she does it, but I guess that 80+ years of brewing makes one expert!!).

And, contrary to its name, you can drink Eight O'Clock Coffee at any hour, of any day, and believe me, I have.