"Who shot J.R.?" It seems like that was the question on everyone's lips in the summer of 1980, as J.R. Ewing was shot in the final scene of the episode that concluded the first season of "Dallas" on March 21st.

The answer was delayed for months when the production of the second season was halted by an actors strike. The answer didn't come until November, when Kristin Stewart was revealed to be the assailant.

TBS revived the nighttime soap Opera this past fall. Larry Hagman died of cancer in January. Production of the second season was underway when he passed. Producers announced the hadn't yet decided how the character of J.R. would be written out of the script. I've been speculating with friends on Facebook about how J.R. will die. We all seem to be assuming that he'll be murdered. My first thought was that his own son would kill him. J.R.'s a snake, but he does have lines he won't cross. John Ross, in my view, is totally amoral. Last week's episode seemed to hint at the possibility of the Venezuelan oilman. Nope! we'll find out next week. In the meantime, what's your guess?