As a former lifeguard and swimming instructor, I have witnessed this first-hand. Families go to the beach or the pool for a day of fun and while the parents are laying out towels or slathering sunscreen on the baby, the rest of the kids jump in.  Nobody's worried because there are lots of people around and the water's not deep, and besides, if somebody starts to drown, there will be flailing and screaming, right? Wrong. Totally wrong! What you see on TV and in the movies is not generally the way it happens in real life.  Drownings are usually sudden and quiet and you may not even notice unless you are actually watching and paying attention. The group Safe Kids USA says designating someone to specifically watch children when they're playing in pools or swimming in the ocean is the best way to prevent accidental drownings.

Watch these two videos about safety in the pool and in the open water and remember it can happen in an instant! Have a fun and safe summer!