Thanksgiving usually brings a large family gathering. This usually means an assortment of personalities. Hosting such a gathering can be challenging, and stressful.
So, how do you keep that pair of siblings from "killing" each other, get the meal ready, and keep the every body comfortable?
Keep 'em occupied. Diverting everyone's attention from the TV is probably a great idea.
Here are a few tips.
Organize a Scavenger Hunt
You can make a scavenger hunt last as the entire weekend, depending how easy or difficult you make it. Make and check off a list for each player to find a little planning and creativity can make scavenger hunt very consuming. A grand prize at the end will keep everyone motivated.

Do Science & Magic Tricks
All ages can enjoy this.  Arthur C. Clarke, author of "Childhood's End" & 2001, a Space Odyssey once said, "Magic is just science that hasn't been discovered yet." The world is full of mysterious things, and you don’t have to be David Copperfield. Simple household items are all you need to keep your kids and parents entertained for hours. There's something about being a "magician" that really brings out the "Ham" in people.
Put on a Fashion Show
A  trip to the thrift store can provide everything you need for the kida to stage a fashion show  with captive grandparents for an  audience. Being a little silly will elervate everyone's mood. Old costumes, clothes found at home, or items from the Salvation Army or Goodwill will make a budget friendly funny event.
Have them cook Together
Cooking is a great activity for family bonding. Besides, Why should you do all the work? Being a parent & subsequently a grandparent  has taught me that kids like to feel they're being helpful. Baking  is an enjoyable, easy activity that produces something everyone likes. Serve dessert & watch a kid swell up with pride when you tell everyone that he or she helped make it.

Crafts, Crafts and More Crafts
There are lots of simple, inexpensive craft ideas on the Internet.   Find for items the kids can easily make and share with the family,  friends and neighbors. Choose things to  make from supplies that are easy to find or already on hand. Find ideas that won’t create a lot of clean up. Have an art show after dinner.
Bottom line, it's a lot easier when guest take a hand in enertaining themselves.