On the radio this morning, CJ fussed Deb for making a mess of the boudin as she tried to cut it with a plastic knife.  He was complaining that she was "making rice dressing" out of the boudin!  I was driving in to work, yelling at my radio, trying to tell them the right way to do it without a mess.

I recorded their segment this morning to set this up correctly. I have included the audio so you'll know what they said (in case you missed it this morning).  If you did miss it this morning, click the play button below to listen as CJ tries to belittle Debbie Ray for her boudin-cutting skills (she would have none of that, of course!)

I heard this when I was in the Jeep, so when I got to work, I decided to let Debbie Ray take a video of me cutting boudin the way my mom taught me to cut boudin!

Voila!!  No mess, bite-sized boudin!  Next week, we'll use a butter knife to scrape the fat off of the cracklins!!

(Via Youtube)