Conspiracy theorists have long believed Super Bowl III between the New York Jets, and Baltimore colts was rigged. Some Saints fans believe former quarterback Ken "The Snake" Stabler, and head coach Bum Phillips threw games. The 1919 Chicago White Sox reportedly threw the World series, resulting in 8 players being banned for life.
Saints fans know all too well how much NFL commissioner Roger Goodell LOVES a good investigation. With "Bountygate" still fresh in our minds, another scandal engulfed the Saints in September 2013, when citizens of Atlanta filed a paternity suit against Saints head coach Sean Payton. The suit alleges Payton to be the Falcons' "Daddy," and is yet to be resolved.

Allegations have now surfaced that the Broncos' poor offensive showing in Super Bowl XLVIII was the result of a large amount of money (or Omaha Steaks) changing hands. People on Facebook were calling the game a "Joke." Keeping that in mind, check out a "report''(?)  on, alleging referee Terry McAuley became suspicious upon hearing Broncos' quarterback Peyton Manning ask Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, "When are you going to pay up?" Commissioner Goodell commented, "I can’t believe this, they ruined the sport, I just can’t believe it."

Can this possibly be true? I can't believe it! If reports Peyton Mannig having a huge cookout, featuring Omaha Steaks, with Pete Carroll on the guest list, the ''awful truth" will be known...