How long does it take for a woman to hate her shoes?  Maybe a better question might be, why do women suffer for fashion?

The average woman can only last for a little over an hour before her high heels start killing her feet, and 20% say they can only withstand the pain for 10 minutes!

But women are amazing creatures, which is exactly why almost half of the women in this study continue wearing painful high heels. Almost 30% admit to taking their painful shoes off during a night out, and almost 40% have walked home barefoot.

There is an ongoing battle at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut currently that has cocktail waitresses up to their ankles in anger over proposed new rules that would require them to wear heels to work.  The waitresses claim the rules are not fair and they are fighting for their right to wear shoes of their choice while on the job.

Do you wear shoes that are too high or too tight or both?