So I came home to this today:  a broken trash can.  I mean, it still works, but now there is a big crack in it, and it won't be long from now that it will be unserviceable.

It wasn't like this when it was brought to the road this morning, so I am not certain what happened to it; was it a passing motorist who hit it?  Was it damaged from the mechanical arm of the Waste Management truck?  And if it wasn't the mechanical arm, was it mishandled by a waste disposal specialist?  Did I throw too many empty Fat Tire bottles into it?

I honestly don't know what happened to the can; I just need to know how to get another one.  I live in Youngsville, so do I have to go through Youngsville City Hall for a new one?  Or do I go directly to Waste Management?  It's "after hours" right now, so I thought I'd get your advice before I made any phone calls.