My dogs are like family to me, so I don't see how some people can leave their family pet at a shelter just because they wanted to go on vacation.

I understand that vacations are important: they help you "reset" your mind  and body; they allow you to get good one-on-one time with your family; they broaden your horizons, so-to-speak.  But to abandon your dog, for good, just to go on vacation?

The Apple Valley Animal Services Facility in Apple Valley, California, is where "Louis" lives.  For now.  He's been given an identification number and a kennel (cell), and now just sits and waits, hoping to find someone who will love him as much as he loves to love.  He sits there because his family couldn't find a sitter when they went on vacation.  For real.

That's what dogs do: they love unconditionally.  All they want is some love in return.  And maybe a car ride, a trip to the park, and a good rubbing behind the ears.

The dogs at the local shelters might not have such a sensational story, but they are in no less need of being adopted and loved.

Before you decide to spend money on a pure-bred animal, please consider visiting your local animal shelter or "pound".  Some of the dogs in there might only have a few weeks, days, or even hours to live.  Give them a chance to love again.  Adopt!

You can search for adoptable dogs through the Adopt-A-Pet website, or contact your local animal shelter!

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