A couple of days ago, I was out walking my dog, trying to hurry during a very busy day. We both needed the exercise and she was enjoying sniffing every inch of grass she could stick her nose into on such a beautiful sunny afternoon. But I was trying to get her to move along and take care of business so I could get back to my 'To Do' list. When she decided the time was right, she paused to do what she needed to do and in those few minutes of stillness, I heard the most beautiful sound. I looked up and saw a bird, alone in the tree, singing its heart out. Why? It didn't sound like a sign of distress. I don't think birds express joy in their songs. I guess it was just communicating some sort of news to the other birds, or was it singing to me? I decided the message was to stop for a few minutes, appreciate the moment I was in and enjoy the time with my sweet little dog and let the sun shine on my face, sunscreen or not! It felt great.

I hope this recording takes you away for just a short time and brings a smile to your face.


P.S. Guess what song came up next automatically after the recording played on my computer? Bluebird by Paul McCartney and Wings. Weird.