Some changes for residents who get garbage and recycling pick up on Wednesdays. Regular Monday and Tuesday customers will get their regular scheduled garbage and recycling collection the week of Christmas, but there will be no garbage or recycling collection on Wednesday, Christmas Day. Customers who regularly receive garbage and recycling collection on Wednesday through Friday will receive garbage and recycling collection on the day following their regularly scheduled collection day during the week of Christmas.

The adjusted schedule includes regular Friday customers receiving garbage and recycling collection on Saturday, Dec. 28.  All customers served by Allied Waste will receive excess garbage collection, resulting from holiday celebrations, on their first service day following Christmas. Monday and Tuesday customers receive excess collection on Dec. 30 and 31.

Once the large blue automated garbage cart is full, residents may bag garbage and place it on the ground three feet from the cart.  Large boxes which contained Christmas gifts may also be placed on the ground for collection. Boxes should be empty except for the original packing material.

The Lafayette Consolidated Government Compost Facility at 400 Dugas Rd. will close at 11 a.m. on Christmas Eve, remaining closed on Christmas day, and will reopen on Thursday, Dec. 26 at 7 a.m.